Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a few of my favorite things: nautical tie clips

There's some serious talent running rampant in this family. Artist Brett Lojzim (married to Allison Fomich of Tigerlilly fame) started out as a painter, but metalsmithing (as many of us know) can be highly contagious. These badass tie clips have a recurring theme: ships. Yep, ships. There's a bit of sea life thrown into the mix too. Each clip is carefully crafted and supremely cool. Kinda makes me wish I wore a tie to work.

To see more of Brett's work, visit Dreadnought Workshop on Etsy.

Images courtesy of Brett Lojzim.


tigerlillyshop said...

OMG! Thanks for the post! This is his first feature;) You have made his day. -allison

C. said...

Oh good, I'm so glad he likes it!!

Michael said...

These are very cool. I would wear a tie just to wear one of these clips.

maria said...