Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fashion is life: interview with atelier grand

Tell us about yourselves.

Our original names are Santoria Renae Williams and Jacqueline Shelby Netti. Shelby is 21, Sandy is 20, and we were born and raised in Baltimore. We met working at Target in 2011 and instantly clicked and became great friends.

When did you learn to design clothing? 

(Sandy) I learned how to sew in an after school class in middle school. As far as designing, I have my own sense of style when it comes to fashion, and I use that to design our clothes.

(Shelby) Designing clothing started for me in middle school, as well. Back then I was never into sewing or learning how to sew. Designing was all I did in school on my free time. It was like a hobby.

Describe your process.

Usually when doing a line, we design separately and then come together with our pieces. When we pick out fabric we search for the fabric that is best for us, and the line. Sometimes we already know what we looking for in a material like sequins, colors or a pattern.
Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 

Inspiration for our designs comes from everywhere. It can be clothing in a magazine, thrift shop, the television for Shelby (movies for Sandy). Or, people we meet… inspiration can come from anything. Fashion is our everyday life.

Share something about you that most people don't know.

(Shelby) I love clothes, but shoes are a strong interest of mine. I’ll pick out a pair of shoes before even thinking about my outfit. I live for shoes.

(Sandy) Okay I am very clumsy, and fall over the place. Falling is part of my everyday life, so if I have a day without me falling, tripping or any type of embarrassment… I always expect something horrible to happen!

To see more work by Atelier Grand, visit them on Etsy.

All images courtesy of Atelier Grand.

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